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Osmo Coding Kit

Osmo Coding Kit

Rs. 3,200.00

Age: 5+ years.

Osmo Coding is an award-winning game system for the iPad that opens up a world of hands-on play for your child. The three engaging games in the kit— Coding, Masterpiece and Newton—offer a range of activities that develop an understanding of programming, drawing, and physics.

Osmo Coding teaches your kids to use coding commands and hands-on coding blocks to control Awbie, a playful character who loves delicious strawberries. Using these commands, they can help Awbie on a wondrous tree-shaking, strawberry-collecting adventure. They start with simple coding combinations and build up to more challenging ones as they uncover his world. 

Osmo Masterpiece is a drawing tool that helps your child's inner artist emerge. Just pick an image from the camera, web or curated gallery and Masterpiece transforms it into easy-to-follow lines. Then it guides kids in creating beautiful drawings.

Offering endless possibilities, Osmo Newton is a physics game that works with any object or drawing. Simply place the chosen item in front of the screen and manipulate it to guide the falling balls into the target zones.


  • Three fascinating games in one kit
  • Introduces basic coding techniques that can guide an animated character's adventures
  • Enhances drawing skills, including proportion and perspective
  • Hones creative problem-solving while teaching fundamental physics principles
  • No extra pieces needed to play Masterpiece or Newton—just use the Base and Mirror, paper and pen and your imagination

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